I've been a community musician for many years now; I've always loved the job and see it as a vocation. It's great to work with people from different backgrounds and experiences, of all ages and abilities, because we are ALL musical by nature and we all experience the same joy that music provides, regardless of language or culture.

Some trivia...I've worked with many well-known names, from Bananarama to Killing Joke - lots of stories! The last tour I did was around Spain supporting Guns and Roses drummer Steve Adler.
Also, I was MD of local label TB records, with name bands like Enuff's Enuff, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tigertailz and Robin Black on our books, fifteen in all. Didn't sleep much!
I'm performing 20 shows at  the Edinburgh Fringe this year with the Rainbow Stripes, see www.rainbowstripes.net for more information.
Did you know I used to write? Check out my book 'Asylum', three reprints and still going strong... google "'pete lynn' asylum". I was also a regular columnist for 'Sandman' magazine.
Proud to have written the 'Storysmith' educational RPG many years ago, 3,000 downloads with Gary Gygax and the Sheriff of Nottingham as patrons.

c pete lynn 2014